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Bookkeeping and Accounting

In today’s society, there is much more to running a business than most people expect. While concentrating on building your business and your personal profits, financial record keeping can easily become overwhelming. That is why outsourcing is a key factor in financial success today.   Do you want to spend more time enjoying life and not working 20 hours a day?  Contact Us!

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports
  • Accounts Receivable & Payables
  • IRS Audit Preparations
  • Project Management
  • Corporate Set-up (Corp, Inc., LLC,)
  • Taxes

Performing Arts

Acting, Singing, Dancing

Ice-Skating (Natural and Synthetic Ice)

Roller Skating

Theatre On Skates Academy

Mobile Synthetic Ice-Skating Events

Mobile Events

Synthetic Ice-Skating Theatre On Skates

Synthetic Ice-Skating Birthday Parties

Synthetic Ice-Skating Corporate Shows

Synthetic Ice-Skating Pre-School and Day Care Centers

Newspaper with business news

Cleaning Services

  • Commercial Offices