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Michael Orr Productions


Michael Orr Productions is a premier company with over 30 years of experience in mobile accounting and business management services. Our business professionals take pride in their ability to assist clients. 

Our goal is to provide the very best in your day to day bookkeeping needs.  We want you, our valued client, to be happy and profitable.

In today’s society, there is much more to running a business than most people expect, as I’m sure you’ve already discovered. While concentrating on building your business and your personal profits, financial record keeping can easily become overwhelming.

Out of date or poorly prepared records can actually hinder your business and personal finances.  That is why outsourcing is a key factor in financial success today.

Our company’s goal is to maintain the sensitivity needed in handling your books efficiently and accurately without the complexities or expensive costs associated with employees. We will relieve those tedious day-to-day operations every business must face.

Do you want to make better financial decisions? Give us a call!

Do you want to know what you or your business is worth? Give us a call!

Do you want to spend more time enjoying life and not working 20 hours a day on your bookkeeping?

Contact Us for more information:  admin@michaelorrproductions.com